Cloud Telephone Systems

Times have changed, and even small companies realize just how useful a cloud telephone system can be.

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In fact one of the trends with hosted systems in recent years, has been the increasing use by smaller companies and the cloud system offers companies several benefits, regardless of their size.

Fully Integrated and More Efficient

One of the biggest advantages of using the cloud is that your communications system is fully integrated, making it easier to manage and ultimately leading to improved productivity. Whether making a phone call, checking email or using videoconferencing or messaging, employees can better keep in touch even when away from the office. More and more employees are working from home or from a remote location, and cloud capability allows work to be done or employees to communicate with one another from just about anywhere. Optional features can be added or removed, turned on and off as needed and any features that are needed can all be quickly accessed by phone. The cloud system is typically less expensive than a traditional phone system - another appealing benefit.

Better Time Management

Of course, the fact that the cloud telephone system can be accessed from anywhere means better time management, and less time spent in trying to set up an in person meeting, for example. The cloud phone system can also be easily and effectively integrated with other cloud based applications, which again means just about any work required can be carried out from any remote location. And better time management and more productivity on the part of employees means that companies can spend less time on managing communications and spend more time and resources on more important issues. For a small company with limited resources, this can be one of the biggest reasons to change to the cloud phone system, and it can go a long way towards improving sales and profitability. Technical staff an also monitor the system more effectively, and any technical issues can easily and quickly be addressed.

Better Customer Service

All of this means a more efficient and streamlined service, and more time and resources devoted to looking after your customers, both existing and potential. Specific phone messages or greetings can be set up in advance and easily incorporated into the phone system; for example alerting customers of a special offer or discount, new product or advising of a long hold time during busy periods. If a customer is waiting to speak to someone for longer than you would like, the time they spend on hold can be customized, depending on what they are calling about. And a cloud system also makes it easy for your company to add or remove different features and services; as your company expands, the system can easily expand along with it.

As can be seen, there are several benefits of a cloud based telephone system, and regardless of the size of your company, you can take advantage of increased efficiency, better customer service, cost savings and an overall better communications experience.