Our Mission:

Develop and implement the next generation of Identity Verification and Assured Rights Management for enterprises of all sizes, establishing ourselves as the ultimate response to the worldwide escalation of cyber fraud.

Despite the seemingly endless variety of cyber attacks, in reality, client-server integrity can be compromised
in only two ways:


When one user
successfully pretends
to be another.


When a user connects
to one server that
appears to be another.

Eliminate those two possibilities and you eliminate the possibility of cyber fraud.

SolPass technology does exactly that.

See the SolPass solution in action.


  • Allows access rights management by user, down to the individual file level
  • Wipes all device data after each session — no more worries about lost or stolen devices
  • Eliminates passwords with biometric login
  • Is 100% portable — your Pass ensures a secure connection on any SolPass-enabled device
  • Eliminates the possibility of cyber-fraud

Stop the pretending. Stop the fraud.

How The SolPass Solution Works

How it works

1. User inserts personal Pass into an enabled device and logs in biometrically.

  • All biometric information is held on the Pass, not on any server.
  • There is a one-to-one relationship between the user and his/her Pass.

2. Using proprietary technology, SolPass establishes an absolutely secure connection with SolPass-protected server(s).

  • Pre-authorized access rights and privileges are validated for the individual user.
  • No user-generated passwords are involved.
  • There is a one-to-one relationship between the Pass and the SolPass-protected server — and thus, a one-to-one relationship between the user and the server — for each session.

3. User performs permitted tasks via the SolPass menu.

4. User ends session.

5. SolPass wipes device RAM between sessions and upon device shutdown.



Protect Your Enterprise

Beyond Enterprise

Home Use - Protect Your Family

Identity verification and rights management and virtually unlimited applications and benefits for customers.

The SolPass solution eliminates worries over:

  • identity theft
  • hacked bank and merchant accounts
  • usernames and passwords

  • malware, spyware, and viruses
  • age-inappropriate content access
  • fraud from lost or stolen devices

See how the SolPass solution can protect your family.

In The News

  1. Reports surrounding the Sony data breach are missing a simple, critical concept. Because user credentials were misused, the Sony breach is similar to the dozens of other recent breaches, from Target to Home Depot to JP Morgan, says Linda S. Millis, a security analyst with government and civilian credentials.

  2. Daily, we’re seeing major news stories about computer system attacks, fraud and crime. I’ll guarantee you that won’t stop in 2015.


In The News

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