The key to SolPass is the chain of trust. This chain is protected throughout each and every transaction. Secure transactions are only made when both the end-user and enterprise employ the SolPass Solution.

The chain of trust begins with the Pass, which contains a user’s unique, encrypted biometrics. The biometrics are housed on the Pass, never on a server, creating the first link in the chain of trust. Once a Pass has been registered to a user, a SolPass enabled device (personal computer or SolPassX) can be used. The secured terminal is the second link in the chain of trust, and has a tamper proof encrypted hard drive which is wiped clean after each use leaving absolutely no data on the device. The final link in the chain of trust is GateKeeper Plus, which drives the ability for an enterprise to control which users have access to their server, and what they are able to do within each file or program (view, edit, or download).

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