The Enterprise Vertical was created for all types of businesses in both the public and private sectors. This vertical allows a company to issue hyper-links and individual credentials for each employee directly to the PASS. The PASS can only be used by its biometric owner thus eliminating the uncertainty of the user and securing the log-in box.

It is common practice that companies issue each of their employees credentials. These credentials are then assigned to a username and password. This is referred to as the log-in box. The problem is that the system is no longer secure if another person obtains this information. This allows someone other than the person issued the username and password to log-in to the server with the original owner’s credentials. Improvements to this method have all too often had adverse results, for example a banking company wanted to increase their methods of security by requiring each employee to change their passwords once a week. The inconvenience of having their employees remember a different password each week resulted in them writing their passwords down and placing them under their keyboards.

SolPass is the only system ever designed that not only secures the log-in box of existing and future platforms, but eliminates many of the inconveniences of security itself.