The Financial Vertical was created to allow secure electronic transactions either through the Financial Vertical itself, or at the request of a SolPass Merchant derived from either the Retail Vertical or the Entertainment Vertical without transferring any personal data over the web.

It is common practice that banks issue each of their account holders credentials in the form of usernames, passwords and pin numbers. The problem is that this system is no longer secure if another person obtains the account holder’s usernames, passwords and pin numbers. This allows someone other than the account holder issued the username, password and pin number to log-in to the bank’s server with the original account holder’s credentials. Attempts to improve account holder security, has resulted in increased burden and inconvenience being placed on the account holder.

The SolPass system is designed to allow a bank’s server to simply and securely distinguish one account holder from another, never allowing any person to obtain any other person’s usernames, passwords or pin numbers. Furthermore, there is no ability for any merchant’s server to obtain any personal financial information (name, address, credit card Number, etc.). This eliminates the fraud experienced by consumers when large retailers, such as Target, Neiman Marcus and others, are breached.