The SolPass Solution:

SolPass protects an enterprise by limiting server access to biometrically verified employees. Once an employee’s identity is assured, you are able to further manage access by implementing a strong rights management policy. SolPass’ GateKeeper Plus provides the tools to secure an enterprise’s information by ensuring each employee only has access to the files and programs needed to perform their job.

The enterprise decides who gets access to the server, and what they can do when they get there. SolPass GateKeeper Plus enforces these rules and restrictions, giving the information owner complete control over the safety of their data.

The SolPass Solution will also protect the individual and their privacy. A SolPass enabled device allows the user to remain secure while completing online transactions. Identity is verified via the biometrically registered Pass, which does not contain any personal identification information. Instead, the user is recognized by a randomly generated Pass identification code – making each user a demographic of one.

When the user ends the secure session, the device is left blank. If the device is lost, stolen or sold, your information remains secure.

SolPass offers a secure solution for each step of every transaction, creating what we call our chain of trust.


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