Seamless Migration

The SolPassX is an incredible tool that makes the migration from an unsecured system easy, intuitive, and non-disruptive. The “X” is a portable device, which can be used in any existing terminal with a USB port.

Migration begins with:

  1. Identifying the data that is absolutely integral to your business.
  2. Determining how many people need access to this data.


Plug in a SolPassX and boot the SolPass Operating System, making your existing computer a secure SolPass terminal. Once your integral data is tagged and placed behind the SolPass GateKeeper Plus, employees can carry on with their day-to-day operations, only using the SolPassX when accessing secure data. Legacy data, software, and programs are all still in place and able to be used.




SolPass enabled computers are available if and when you decide to make a full transition, requiring all data to be tagged and secured.


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