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SolPass, based in Denver, is the developer of an innovative hardware and software identity verification solution that is designed to build a chain of trust from the individual user to the server. Using biometrics, SolPass assures that only authorized users of the system are given access and implements a rights management system that prevents further unauthorized access. By focusing on the prevention of cyber crime and data breaches, SolPass has introduced a new perspective on cybersecurity.


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Why SolPass?

Learning the Hard Way

Last Year there were over 550 million identities exposed in breaches and over one-trillion dollars lost. Cyber-attacks cost organizations in more ways than one; lost profits, consultants and security experts, damage to brand, lost jobs, loss of sensitive information and expensive monitoring for future breaches.

The Truth about Hackers

The simple truth is that hackers enter systems disguised as an authorized user. Most Cyber crime and data breaches occur via the impersonation of a valid user. They are most frequently the result of access being granted to a system via misappropriation and misuse of a valid user name and password.

Passwords are Not Secure

Humans are bad at managing passwords. Data breaches happen because current passwords and devices can be Lost, Stolen, or Sold. By making the passwords unknown to the user, we take the possibility of human error out of the equation.

Containment vs. Prevention

Current cyber security services are focused on the treatment rather than the cure of cyber crime. More money is being spent on patchwork fixes than the actual loss from theft. While experts claim hacking is inevitable, we believe the elimination of cyber crime is not only possible, but an absolute necessity.

The Full Story

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